Whenever the staff of Lutheran Island Camp is privileged to visit with people either at camp or in congregations, we invariably hear about the impact that Lutheran Island Camp had on their lives or the lives of loved ones. We’ve heard about people faced with difficulties in their lives who suddenly remembered a devotion or scripture song from camp. We’ve heard about God using visits to camp to introduce future spouses. We’ve witnessed weddings and baptisms at camp. We’ve seen families reconciled, grow in Christ, and make significant decisions while at camp. And, we’ve been privileged to be the place where youth groups, congregations, and organizations have come to be trained, to be inspired and to grow in their ability to share Christ.


To God be the glory for all of these wonderful things that have happened at camp! Can we ask you to share what Lutheran Island Camp has meant to you?  You can do that in any of several different ways.


Share through our website.  You can e-mail your story to us by clicking here. You can also visit our Facebook page by clicking here.  We will be sharing the stories through the website and our e-news letter during October.



Stop by for a visit at Lutheran Island Camp. We’d love to hear your story and show you how camp has changed and improved. Why not come back home to camp for one of our great programs?


Stories of praise from the Lutheran island Camp Family  
When you have been around Lutheran Island Camp for as long as I have you can share lots of Amazing Days. This year I had an Amazing Day on Saturday August 6th. It was the 25th Annual Quilt Auction and we had a great turnout. I was really busy monitoring the progress (and it was great) toward a record number of quilts being sold when Ken Erlandson asked me to take a break. I don't do that during the Auction but he insisted. I stepped off the platform to see my sister-in-law who shared with me the news that my younger brother Jon, a former camp staff member himself, had died suddenly. It was an Amazing Day as God wrapped me in His arms, calmed me and reminded me that Jon was now with him. Immediately there were friends who offered up prayers and comfort. It was an Amazing Day at Lutheran island Camp.  Bill Schultz, Director of Planning and Resource Development.  

I attended Lutheran Island Camp about time with a cousin; another time with a friend. Years passed; then our son was a counselor there one summer during his college years.  This past summer on a trip to northern MN and ND for family roots history, my husband and I made a quick stop.  I didn't recognize the buildings, but I sat on a bench there and relived the memories....of Bible study, of rowing a big row boat, of helping wash/wipe the dishes, of making friends with other Christian youth, of missionaries sharing their stories of sharing God's Word and items they brought to show us from their far-away places, of getting treats at the canteen.  I still have a bookmark I won at a pow-wow and a wooden envelope opener with Island Camp written on it.  As I sat and sang through the camp song silently, I felt blessed to have had that experience as a youth.  

The Island Camp, the Island Camp,

It's the place I want to be. 

The campers there are on the square.

They're happy; they're jolly; they're free. 

The Island Camp, the Island Camp, 

It's beauty is serene. 

For health and fun, for everyone.

Enjoy the camp supreme.

Attending Island Camp was part of my faith journey during my early teen years, and for that I am thankful.  

May God bless your ministry at Lutheran Island Camp to the youth you serve. 

Cynthia Wood