Lutheran Island Camp has been buffeted by challenges related to the current COVID-19 situation. We know that it has been difficult for all of our LIC family. While we have tried to communicate the latest information, we are faced with the reality that requirements and guidelines seem to change almost daily. We hope to use this Tuesday enews to give you the best information we can provide at the current time. We also invite you to call our office at 218-583-2905 anytime you have a question or concern. The phones are answered everyday and we are happy to share all of the latest information and to pray with you anytime.
  • Lutheran Island Camp staffing. It is true that staffing on the Island has been reduced. Early in the COVID response all staff was furloughed. Currently, there are staff onsite to take care of essential operations including answering phones, maintaining the properties, and preparing for limited summer opportunities.
  • Summer Youth Camps. Unfortunately, the Board and staff of LIC have made the heart-breaking decision to suspend all youth camping programs for the summer of 2020. This includes our overnight night camps, day camps, and VBS.
  • Self-Directed Family Retreats. The Island does hope to provide opportunities for your family to enjoy the beauty of God's creation with us this summer. If you would like to reserve one of the cabins or houses on the Island for a summer get-away we encourage you to give us a call. These retreats will provide access to many of the recreational resources on the Island, but will not include programming.
  • How is COVID impacting LIC financially. LIC has been hit hard by the loss of revenue for our spring and summer seasons. We are working to eliminate all non-essential costs. We have received and appreciate the strong support that the LIC family has provided in the form of monetary donations to help us weather this storm. We will continue to look for ways to serve you and live out our mission as we pray for a resumption of our traditional camp programs.
  • How can I get more information. Social media remains the fastest method for disbursing information. We will also continue to send updates in the Tuesday enews. If you are not receiving the recent enews mailings, please be sure to subscribe on our website at the bottom of the landing page or email to be added to the mailing list. You are always invited to call the office with questions or concerns. We love hearing from our family. 218-583-2905.