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Lutheran Island Camp

Summer Employment

"My three summers working at LIC were the favorite of my life. My fellow staff members and campers were amazing. I truly was living my dream each day. Later in life I realized that camp is where faith became life for me and for that I am eternally grateful."

-Lacey "Clay" Hoogland '02, '03, '04


We are a partner camp of the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA), an organization made up of 20+ LCMS camps across the country.  We share a common application with other NLOMA camps.  This means that when you apply to work at Lutheran Island Camp, your application can also be seen by the other NLOMA camps. 

If we aren’t able to offer you a position here, you have the chance to work at another NLOMA camp. Your second and third choice camps will be the first to see your application if we pass it on. You can explore the many different camps that make up NLOMA by going HERE

We strongly urge all those who wind up not being offered a position at Lutheran Island Camp to take the leap and work at a different camp. God will use a summer at camp, ANY camp, to grow you in incredible ways.

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