Lutheran Island Camp is hiring for several full-time positions.  See job descriptions below.

Program Coordinator:

SUPERVISION: Operations Director

The most important aspect of the Program Coordinator’s position is to provide programming at

Lutheran Island Camp provides an opportunity for all campers to grow spiritually. This is to be done through the adherence to the doctrine and practice of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Camp’s mission, the hiring of its staff, the
development of its program, and most importantly through an understanding that the Program Coordinator has a
responsibility to serve God’s children of all ages through his/her personal example, the example of staff, and the
programs themselves. The Program Coordinator will remain a member in good standing of an area LCMS congregation.

The Program Coordinator shall plan for the program needs of camp participants. This includes the planning and
development, in concert with the Director, of all Lutheran Island Camp’s programs for youth and adults. He/she
shall regularly evaluate and revise the programs to meet the needs of the congregations that use the camp, other
Christian entities, and the general public. He/she shall provide to the Board of Directors a regular report detailing
a number of camper days, program themes, program costs as compared to the approved budget, and projections for
future program participation.

The Program Coordinator shall hire, review, and supervise all program staff in relation to the established policies of
the organization. He/she shall support staff by assuring that adequate compensation is provided, that
necessary benefits are made available, and that an opportunity for ongoing honest and forthright communication
exists between his staff and their supervisors. He/she shall be responsible to see that all staff has adequate
training, that they have the opportunity for their own spiritual growth through Bible studies and worship, and that they
are challenged to do their best to the glory of God.

The Program Coordinator shall be responsible to assist in the development of resources to adequately
manage the camp. He/she may do this by identifying potential funding sources for programs, equipment, and
growth. He/she shall identify from participants and their families, those who have a special love for the camp and
its ministry, and provide those contacts to the Director. He/she shall keep himself/herself informed of development
opportunities and actively participate in the planning and implementation of those activities that may have a direct
impact on programs and activities of camp. He/she shall be available as time allows for presentations related to
development activities.

The Program Coordinator shall work with the staff in the development of a public relations plan each
year. He/she shall assist in the development of the newsletter, brochures, and other marketing materials. He/she
shall, as time permits, be available for presentations to church groups organizations, and other potential clients of
Lutheran Island Camp.

The Program Coordinator shall be an active participant in the planning of the future of Lutheran Island Camp. This
is especially true as it relates to the projected program needs of those served by Lutheran Island Camp.



The Program Coordinator shall keep and provide an updated inventory of all program supplies and equipment and
shall inform the Director of any special needs that may be required for programming. He/she shall be responsible
that all outside groups understand and adhere to the policies and procedures the relate to the use f the camp and
its resources.


The Program Coordinator shall meet with the Program Committee of the Board of Directors and may attend those
Board meetings or sessions as the Director instructs. He/she shall be aware of all policies and
procedures adopted by the Board that directly or indirectly affect his/her areas of responsibilities. He/she shall
provide such reports to the Director and/or Board as are deemed necessary.


The Program Coordinator is expected to demonstrate leadership to all staff in participating as a team
member. This includes performing additional duties that may be assigned that are not a part of this document. It
also includes making supervisors and supervisees aware of opportunities, challenges, and dangers that he/she
may observe. The success of the camp in achieving its mission shall override any personal issues he/she may
encounter in his/her day-to-day duties.



Nutrition Coordinator

RESPONSIBLE TO:  Operations  Director


The Nutrition Coordinator at Lutheran Island Camp is to serve guests by meeting their foodservice expectations.  Some of these expectations include courteous service, quality food served on time according to program schedules, and a clean dining area with safe, sanitary food preparation conditions.  The Nutrition Coordinator must also serve the camp by providing value to the guests within the designated nutrition budget.

  1. Prepare menus and meals for groups ranging from 5 to 250 (including cost analysis).

  2. Working as a member of the LIC team in providing quality camping/retreat experiences for youth, families, and groups.  This may include other duties when asked.

  3. Maintaining a safe, clean food prep, cooking, and storage environment. 

  4. Place orders with selected vendors.

  5. Prepare a yearly inventory of food items.

  6. Monitor and track food usage monthly (weekly during high summer demand).

  7. Assign responsibilities to staff and evaluate their progress on a weekly basis.

  8. Train and supervise up to 5 kitchen staff.




Member of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod preferred. 

At least 2 years of successful experience in a similar position or graduate of a cooking program.

Graduate of a cooking program preferred but not required.

Certified or able to be certified as a Nutrition Coordinator.

Passion for food and food preparation.

A sense of style and creativity.

Team leader.

Organizational skills.

Understanding of nutritional needs, diets, allergies, and trends for guests of all ages.

And Other Opportunities as assigned!


Hourly wage will range from $13 – $17 per hour with the number of hours to be negotiated.

This job is closer to full time for the months of June, July, and August.

This job involves most weekends throughout the months of September through May with a few weekday retreats.


(There may be the opportunity for on-site Lodging)

Property Coordinator

Responsible to:  Operations Director


  1. Responsible for the annual written evaluation of all summer staff and volunteers that served under the Property Coordinator.  Evaluations to be turned into the Director.

  2. Responsible for the adherence to current safety policies that will ensure the safety and comfort of all guests arriving at camp, staying at the camp, and departing from camp.

  3. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with summer staff and volunteers.  Welcome guests warmly and offer assistance when appropriate.

  4. Report property evaluations and suggestions for improvements needed to maintain all areas related to management for all Lutheran Island Camp properties.

  5. Annually develop and update a long-range plan of maintenance projects on camp properties.  This plan should reflect the future growth of the camp.

  6. Provide assistance in projecting costs for maintenance projects in the coming fiscal year, work with the Finance Coordinator to determine a budget, and work to stay within budget.

  7. Develop a close working relationship with all department coordinators keeping abreast of their needs and concerns.

  8. Meet regularly with the Executive Director with updates, set goals, and evaluate all areas of property maintenance.

  9. Inform staff of all interrelated operations

  10. Be directly responsible for:

a)  Forest Management,

b)  All local, state, and federal regulations, laws, forms, and contracts relating to maintenance, job descriptions  and volunteer help.

c)  Trash and garbage contracts and agreements.

d)  The care, comfort, training, and work schedule of volunteers.

 11.    Responsible for adding, deleting, updating insurance policies and licenses on vehicles, trailers, and buildings.

12.    Responsible for property landscaping.

13.   Responsible for grading of property roads.

14. Responsible for scheduling and performing all maintenance and preventive maintenance on the property.  This

includes all buildings on Lutheran Island Camp properties.

15.    Responsible for trash collection on the property and hauling to approved holding or disposal areas.

16.    Responsible for the mowing, trimming, and neat appearance of lawns.

17.   Responsible for keeping property signs current and neat in appearance.

18.   Responsible for the safe and neat appearance of all work areas and storage areas.

19.   Responsible for keeping camp vehicles maintained and tools clean and in good repair.

20.   Responsible for keeping sidewalks in good repair, shoveled and deiced in front of the main buildings and

roadways to the main office and staff housing.

21.   Maintain and improve all trails, bridges, signs, and campsites.

22. other duties as assigned!

(On site housing)

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