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What is the Ambassadors Program?

The Ambassador Program is an organized process in which one congregation member from each MN North church informs his fellow congregants about the happenings at LIC. LIC exists to serve the churches of the MN North District and it is our goal to accomplish this through an excellent communication system.

Read on to find out more about becoming an Island Ambassador. 



What does an Ambassador do?

Island Ambassadors find effective ways to communicate with their congregations in order to promote the events/updates at LIC and further the relationship between camp and the district churches. They work to keep the line of communication between camp and their church open. It's a simple job! Ambassadors send Julia their emails, which go on an email list, and receive monthly updates from LIC.

From there, there are a couple ways they can inform their church: 

Bulletin Notes

Send the information to the person in charge of the weekly bulletin and ensure the information makes it in there. 

Flyers or Posters

Get out your creative side and make a poster to hang up on a bulletin board. For some events Julia will make posters that will be available for printing off as well. 

Written Announcements

Make sure the event(s) make it onto the slideshow (if your church has one) so that people will see it before/after church. 

Talk to Friends!

Simply tell your friends about the event(s)! People love to be invited and be a part of something. Being available to answer questions is an important part of being an ambassador!

Verbal Announcements

Be brave and get up in front of the congregation to tell them about the event(s) during the announcement time of the church service! 


Sign up today by emailing Julia at She will take your email address and other contact information and get you started! 

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