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Parent Portal

Informational Letter

Click the button below to download the informational letter to the parents. You will also receive a copy of this letter in your email when you register your child! 

Health and Release Form

Below you will find a quick link to the Health and Release Form. You will be asked to fill one of these out when you register but you can use this nifty link if you forget your login info or need to get it done quickly! 

Packing List

Click the button to download the packing list. This list includes everything your child needs to bring to camp! One thing it does NOT include is a cellphone. We strive to be an unplugged environment where kids can enjoy God's creation without distractions. 


Click your session's name in order to download the schedule. 

Classic Camp

Mini Classic Camp

Horse Camp

Art Camp 

Splash Camp 

Little Lambs

Mini Beginner Horse Camp

Outpost Camp

Fishing Camp

High School Camp

Family Camp

Access Your Account

Click the button below to log into your Campwise account, finalize payments, fill out forms, or put money into your Canteen account. 

Summer FAQs 

Q: My younger child wants to be in a cabin with their older sibling. Can we request they be together?

A: We always encourage separating siblings so that each child can have their own experience. However, we will accommodate siblings together if need be. They will be placed in a cabin according to the younger one's age.

Q: Will my child be placed in a cabin with children their age? 

A: Yes! We make sure to put children into age-appropriate cabins. Our age groups generally are 8-10, 10-12, 12-14. Please note that we do take cabin mate requests but if one cabin mate is significantly older than the other, they will be put into the younger cabin.

Q: How much money should I put into my child's canteen account?
A: Canteen items range from $1.00-$1.50 and campers are allowed three items per canteen once a day which means the maximum they can spend is $18 for the whole week. 

Q: I signed my child up for a specialty camp. Will they still get to go to the beach and canteen?

A: All of our specialty camps, including weekend camps, are scheduled with canteen and swim time. We love East Battle Lake and know that the kids love it too! 

Q: Where is Christ Serve Ranch?
A: Christ Serve Ranch is approximately 3 miles away from Lutheran Island Camp on Ottertail County Rd 5. We use buses to transport campers from the Island to the Ranch. 

Q: Should I bring over the counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for my child in case of a headache or mild injury, etc.?

A: Bringing over the counter medications is not necessary as we are well stocked with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, cold medicine, etc. Please note on the health form if we are allowed to administer it to your child if necessary. We make sure to keep a consistent and open line of communication surrounding any significant injury or illness.

Q: What measures are in place to protect my child from bullying, harassment, or abuse?

A: The safety of the child is LIC's highest priority. We ensure there are two trained LIC personnel in each cabin. Our 8:1 ratio of campers to staff meets the state guideline always. Staff are not allowed to be alone with any camper and we are strict about enforcing the "Rule of Three" which states that campers and staff must travel in groups of (at the very least) three. Campers are never left unsupervised. We strive to protect our campers physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Q: My child will be turning the required age shortly after our desired camp session that she'd like to attend with her friends. Can she still attend?

A: For any age-related questions, please call the office at 218-583-2905 and ask for Olivia. We will do our best to work something out with you.

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